April 2020

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              Morbor PeterMum and IMum and HenrikiMum and ChristinaMum
This is a very troublesome and worring time that we are seeing right now. The Covid19 has struck all over the world with so much paine for so many people. Here in DK almost everything has been closed down for nearly 3 weeks - no gatherings of more than 10 people, schools and the like has been closed down, Public transportation has shut down to a minimum, 2 meters apart for everyone not in family, shops - apart frothe m food and pharmacy - have been closed down which all in the end means that a lot of people have been layed off. The Goverment has spend numerous billions on supporting companies and shops so that they after this tremendous crises will be able to go on.

A little word....

This is not a single country's issue. This is an issue that should concern all of us. Hence let us help each other. Each country should lock down and the population should abide to the guidelines given by the WHO.
You all take care and I pray that you will be all right.