July 2022

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              Morbor PeterMum and IMum and HenrikiMum and ChristinaMum
It has been a very long time since I last updated the Homepage - and a lot of things have happened since last update.

I would never have thought that I should live in times where whole countries have been shut down due to a virus - and definately did not think that we would be having a WAR here in Europe.
Alas boths things have happened.
The Covid virus seems to be something that we will have to be used to living with - now not being so deathly as in the start and now having effective vaccinations.

The war on the other hand is man made - a crazy an totally ridiculous little despot had he not been so dangerous.
I am happy to see that most countries stand united against this dictator an madman - and hoping that he will be taking a fatal blow to go away.

My sincere feelings and best wishes goes to the Ukrainian people in midst of all their hardship.
Let us all support them and their country against this mad man and his marionettes.

Two positive thing though.
Eva and I have been blessed with 2 grandchildren. Henrik is now a father to a beautiful girl at the age of app 8 months, and Christina is as proud mother of a beautiful boy at the same age. What could be better?
And I now have a new title to ad to my CV. Officially Retired Captain.
As of July 1'st 2022 I am retired - enjoying it already. Later this year I thing I will go and get a job as a volunteer in some organisation that supports either countries in need, or children in need or both.

A little word....

This is still a threat if ignored and therefor still not just a single country's issue. This is an issue that should concern all of us. Hence let us help each other. Each country should take appropriate measures to fight the virus, imply a vaccination program, and the population should abide to the guidelines given by the WHO.

And to my American friends.

Midway election is coming up in a short time.
Make sure to have people to register and go vote.
I for one do no want Trump back again.
You go and vote because the world needs a change.

You all take care and I pray that you will be all right.